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In 1986 when Ann and her husband Lou moved into their Prospect home their landscape consisted of a gravel driveway and pieces of slate laid in the grass to the front door. Being a stay at home mom, Lou would go to work and Ann would tear up the lawn, it was really rocks and weeds. As Ann's passion for gardening grew their once naked landscape evolved over the years into a private park like setting. Her gardens were on tour as part of the CT Horticural Society Open Garden Days tour and other organizatons through the years. Annscapes LLC was created in 2000, after years of solicitation by friends and family to help them recreate their landscapes.

Joining the Suburban Garden Club in Cheshire opened new gardening opportunites. She took courses at the local community college and continues to regularly attend seminars,lectures and other horticulturaly related activities . Ann became a certified landscape designer through the Federated Garden Landscape Design Study Program. She continues to judge the

Landscape Design Competition with the FGCTLD

council at the Ct Flower Show in Hartford every February.

Ann finds there is an amazing amount of satisfaction in transforming a landscape. A well planned garden can welcome you home, highlight your business while protecting and increaseing your investment.

She continues to grow her business with a love of nature,knowledge of plant material, and a creative eye.


                              Civic Projects:

United Way’s Day of Caring 2006 at Also Cornerstone in New Haven. Designed, planted, and co-coordinated landscape project with residents and volunteers. For more about Also-Cornerstone and the United Way Day of Caring.

Town of Prospect, CT.
Designed and planted garden at the town center funded with community donations.

Families United Prospect 2010

Beautified the entrance of the Community School in Prospect
by planting a perennial garden with members of the 5th grade class in 1997. (no picture available)

Assisted 4th grade Highland School in Cheshire
with native courtyard project 2008 and 2009

Adopt A Spot Awarded Congregation Kol Ami 2011 & 2013

Thank You for your time and the opportunity to share Annscapes LLC with you. Ann


Federated Garden Club of America Landscape Design Council

Connecticut Women's Agricultural Network

Nursery and Landscape Association

Cheshire Chamber of Commerce

Prospect Business Association

Prospect Land Trust member and past Board Member

Prospect Conservation Commission

South Central Regional Water Authority Study Comittee town of Prospect

PCC Open Space Planning Sub Committee

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